Identity: confused


For the longest time, much of what I thought about was my academic work and my blogs were on the academic blogsite Here. Occasionally, I had a few random thoughts on the personal side which I put it in different places and notes here and there. I’m giving up. I realise, as I reach a ripe old age of 52, my life has come a full circle and my roles as researcher, educator, entrepreneur, wife, mother, friend, gardener, cook have all fused together and the crazy musings in my head need an outlet that is not well compartmentalised within each role. So I will start blogging here, on my own personal website, which is just as well. I now have no ‘role’ constraints and I can just do a brain dump once in a while. Quite liberating actually.

I used to carefully craft my roles. Or be more careful with my words in case others might think less of me. Now it doesn’t seem to matter much.

It must be age. You have been warned. 🙂

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