Challenges and Exercise


I am the first to admit I’m not easy to live with when I have a problem to solve, or a model I have to crack, or a challenge I have to overcome. I become irritable, and have a low tolerance for anything that remotely resembles stupidity, which tends to be everything when I’m in this state. Hubby finds it amusing because my rhetoric and tone, which is usually optimistic, become more caustic – the me ‘unplugged’. He is still thrilled when I recently let slip that XYZ will stay a friend only  as long as there is still a cup of sugar s/he can borrow. I still can’t believe I said that.

My recent challenge bout is longer than usual. This is a hard one, involving a particular design issue to stimulate data demand. Like most of my challenges, they are usually multidimensional and systemic, much like having to design a particular throw of everything in the air so that they land exactly where they are all supposed to, given the wind direction and speed. You would never get it right, but that’s not the point. The point is that you have to optimise the throw to land stuff in a certain state such that it could eventually evolve into where you would like the system (or the market) to become. And that means you have to decide what the beginning states are that might get you there and design for the beginning states in mind. the question is both academic – I could work out the models to check scenarios; and practice – I have to put plans in place to implement the scenario I decide on.

Knowing what a bear I become, I tend to usually avoid people during such times, including hubby. I take long cycle rides, I exercise, I dance, I compose, play music and creativity usually kicks in and I find a solution, or at least, a way forward I can live with, and I become normal again. This time, days have stretched to weeks and I can tell it has even got into hubby when he asked this morning if I could not hire someone to solve it. (I think he wants his wife back).

This, of course, have done wonders to my fitness regime. I can see a waist, my abs are a little more taut, my legs are strong and my arms are getting firm and toned.

I really don’t want to be fit anymore.