Today we begin the journey to change the Internet

Today we begin the scale up journey of the HAT platform. 110 people at the Shard, this time a rather different set of people. A third from investment capital firms, VCs, captains of industry, startups, government, charities and NGOs….. quite a different crowd from last year, when the HAT project was officially handed over to the HAT Community Foundation. It is, however, a crowd of people whom I believe care deeply about the Internet and the personal data economy and whom I believe, will join us in the HAT Foundation group to change the Internet for the better.

Today we begin the campaign to raise of £10-15m to fund the next generation of apps on the Internet, built on the HAT as the user account. It’s the starting gun on the 18 May for May ’18 which is when the EU’s GDPR compliance regulation will unleash the world’s most valuable resource – personal data.

Check out my presentation here.

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