Making my HAT smarter – the next episode


Untitled design (2)With the 7 products in the HAT tech suite complete and in beta, (DataBuyer with conditions set to release end of the month), I do feel we now have reached a new normal, technology-wise.

Looking back, we spent a good part of the time building the HAT so that it can store personal data securely, privately and setting up rules so that as HAT owners, we fully own the database within it and all the database rights and can give rights at the touch of a button and giving HAT owners full control and ownership so that our children can have HATs, and when we’re old we can bequeath them. Creating a vault for data isn’t the goal however, the goal is to make all that data useful to us so we spent another good part of the time building the DEX so that it is a secure, private concierge of our data, pushing and pulling data in and out of HATs according to HAT owners instructions, and for every data point that exists in the HAT so that we can push data that is non-private without revealing who we are and get the benefit of it. On top of that,we had to build the services as well – the HAT Dashboard (Rumpel on web and on iOS) and the other side, the DataBuyer so that organizations can request for as little data and as much data as they need to give HAT owner cool services. Finally, we have had to attend to organizations who want to provision HATs by building Milliner, so that organizations can give HATs to individuals branded with their own logo, colours etc, out of the box. The HATDeX SEVEN, we call it. We will leave it to the Foundation marketing team to scale and publicise this over the next few months. I believe a consumer campaign is coming up – sounds fun. Stay tuned to MarketSquare for new apps built on HATs as well. Quite a few startups coming online going into the third quarter, especially with the foundation revving up their Innovation programme.

Which is why I feel we have reached a new normal. We’ve achieved the mission of being able to STORE data on the HAT; EXCHANGE data from the HAT. The final part of the HAT, which is probably just as exciting, is to make the HAT Smarter than every user account out there. So we are starting to look at near-HAT computation, AI, algorithms, analytics etc. The idea is to generate NEW DATA e.g. % of green spaces I was at last week, based on my own location data. How busy was I based on calendar data. What were my interests and priorities last week based on my FB and Twitter posts? Near-HAT Computing where the computation and data all sits within the private and locked down HAT environment belonging to the HAT owner is coming up next but more importantly, there would also be new data points organizations can ask for (want my mood? – here!) that is privacy preserving, which means our personal data can be even more useful! More importantly, I want my HAT to make me smarter 🙂

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