Me, Myself and AI

memyselfai.jpgWe’ve rolled out a feature this week, probably the most significant feature of the HAT dashboard, both web and HAT iOS app.

The SHE Feed…..

Backtrack, what on Earth is SHE?

SHE is the Smart HAT Engine. The part of your HAT that does computation and analytics. The part of your HAT that can analyse all your data privately with pre-trained analytics and algorithms and outputs the result only into your HAT. SHE Feed is the feed on your private HAT dashboard or iOS app, where SHE reports what your data is telling you and, well, whatever you want SHE to report, really.

What was the first thing SHE said?

(Oh dear, the jokes around this might make us regret this)

SHE’s first words to you is to congratulate you on your HAT.

Not very smart. But when you’re just born, who is?

As we start developing and iterating on SHE more and more, new SHE functions would appear that you can subscribe to. We want to encourage the smartest and the brightest of data scientists and algorithmists to start working for us, by putting some great functions on SHE that you and I can subscribe to, some paid, some for fun. Its the route to market for all you smart people with smart ML algorithms — you don’t need to wait for a corporation to buy it — you could sell it — to us! From daily insights, to helping us make good decisions, SHE functions can help us plan the future, act in the present and learn about ourselves. The HAT and SHE is fully private but SHE insights and data could be shareable as a data point, if we wish to share it, like all data on the HAT.

Over time, our SHE Feed will be a Feed that we control ourselves according to what functions we wish subscribe to, whether it’s reading the personalised news or getting recommendations.

Our feeds today are hugely influenced by others. Our Twitter and FB feed gives us the news, whether fake or true, and our searches returns a feed set by Google.

It’s kind of nice to have a Feed we can control ourselves.

Truly just me, myself and AI.

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