Biodata & CV

I am the founder and CEO of , Professor of Marketing and Service Systems at WMG, University of Warwick. I am also a Senior Member of Wolfson College, Cambridge.

I studied physics, applied physics and computer programming as an undergraduate and became an entrepreneur and practitioner for 16 years before switching to an academic career. During my time in industry I was CEO of SA Tours and Travel group of companies (Singapore, Malaysia, China and UK) and founded Empress Cruise Lines, a company with an monthly turnover of USD250m which I sold in 1996.

I am an industrial economist specialising in markets and marketing; my research lies in the trans-disciplinary understanding of value; creating, designing, pricing, contracting and innovating based on value, as well as new economic/business models and value co-creation in complex service systems. I have published in numerous international journals in the domain of engineering, management, marketing, information systems, economics, education and sociology and am author of the book The Pricing & Revenue Management of Services: A Strategic Approach and lead editor of Complex Engineering Service Systems: Concepts and Research. My third book Value and Worth: Creating New Markets in the Digital Economy is now available on Amazon Kindle and the printed version of the book is published by Cambridge University Press.

I was one of the 6 UK Advanced Institute of Management (AIM) research Services Fellow and also the ESRC/NIHR Placement Fellow. I am also one of the 5 ESRC/InnovateUK thought leaders on the Innovation Caucus and a Turing Fellow

I am passionate about the link between practice and research. Also an advisor to startups on new economic and business models in digital businesses.


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