My advisory roles are into: Lloyds Register, Republic of Ireland Credit Union Advisory Committee, Device Pilot and various others. They cover the following themes:

Subject Matter Themes

Servitization (relevant to digital transformation, Internet-of-Things, Manufacturing-Service offerings, outcome-based contracts, data-driven business/economic models)

How things are becoming a service, revenue streams, economics and design of servitized offerings, co-created servitization, customer co-capability, design of servitized contracts. <see track record>

Value (relevant to new transactions, new revenue models in IoT, B2B equipment contracts, data revenue models)

What is value, pricing on value, economic and business models that are value-based, how to create value, what are the different conceptualizations of value, value co-creation, the value of goods, services, personal data.<see track record>

Business and Economic Models (relevant to disruptive technologies)

What is a business model, what is the economic model v business model. Conceptualizations of business models. Innovating on business models using the BMI wheel. Difference between business model development v innovation. Strategic Management v Business Model Innovation. <see track record>

Value and Outcome-based Contracts

Contracts that reward outcomes of  muti-stakeholder, multi-resource systems. Performance based logistics, asset management and condition-based monitoring contracts. <see track record>

Service Ecosystems and Markets (relevant to Internet platforms, consumer markets, data ecosystems, data markets)

Designing service ecosystems, markets, multi-sided markets, platform markets, historical evolution of markets, incentive mechanisms and economic design of service ecosystems. Transactions, channels, payments and products of multi-sided markets. Road maps of multi-sided market evolution. <see track record>


Connectivity as freedom, Internet of Things as user experiences. Revenue, transactions and monetisation of Internet-of-Things. <see track record>

Personal Data

What is personal data, what is personal content. the law and personal data, empowerment and control of personal data, database schema for personal data. <see track record>