17 November 2021

Futurati Podcast on Market Design, Data, Entrepreneurship and Innovation

17 December 2020

Talking about being a border town kid, a hustler and an entrepreneur on Crunchbase

28 June 2020

Op-Ed: The failure of the track and trace app is the least-worst thing about it in CityAM

14 May 2020

Op-Ed: Contact tracing app
– what is the least worse option? On Sifted

11 Jul 2019

Cranfield University named me on the Female FTSE Board Report 2019 as one of the 50 women to watch

29 Jan 2019

BBC called me a Data Guardian

28 Dec 2018

Decentralised AI has the potential to upend the online economy
– my article in Wired in 2019

12 Sep 2018

My podcast on the FT on redistributing the economic power of data

27 Jan 2018

From GDPR to blockchain, we’re getting more power over our data
– my article in Wired in 2018

28 SEPT 2016

Innovation: Beyond Things and Widgets
– coverage on Innovate UK blog

18 Jul 2016

IoT and The Hub of All Things
– coverage on The Manufacturer

20 May 2016

What the Apple vs. FBI Debacle Taught Us
– article in the Scientific American

15 Apr 2016

Navigating the Internet of Things
– coverage on Deccan Herald

12 Mar 2016

Beyond the Connected Kettle
– interview with BBC World Service Tech Tent

28 Feb 2016

Creating New Markets with the Hub-Of-All-Things
– my article in Business Reporter, Sunday Telegraph

24 Feb 2016

Digital Liquefaction and Data-driven Business Models
– coverage by

23 Jan 2016

The Knowledge Base of Designing Complex Service Ecosystems
– wrote a SERVSIG blogpost


The Hub of All Things & More
– 3Pillar Global’s The Innovation Engine podcast

10 Apr 2014

A Smart Way to Get Personal with the Future
– New Scientist

29 Jul 2014:

How I Work
– interview with