Service Ecosystems and Market design

Summary of expertise: Designing service ecosystems, designing markets, multi-sided markets, platform markets, historical evolution of markets, incentive mechanisms and economic design of markets. Transactions, channels, payments and products of multi-sided markets. Road maps of multi-sided market evolution.

A preview on how I think about service ecosystems and markets, read the forward I wrote the service science handbook volume 2.

  • Irene C L Ng, (2018), Foreword: Creating Simplicity, in Handbook of Service Science — Volume 2, Editors Paul P. Maglio, Cheryl A. Kieliszewski, James C. Spohrer, Springer
  • Books 

    Book Chapters

      Ng, Irene C.L., R.S. Maull and Laura Smith (2011) “Embedding the New Discipline of Service Science” in The Science of Service Systems, Demirkan, Spohrer and Krishna Eds., 2010 volume in “Service Science: Research and Innovations (SSRI) in the Service Economy” Book Series, Springer – ISSN: 1865-4924

    Journal Papers

    Talks and Presentations

    • “Mastering Service for the Future of Things”, Compete Through Service Symposium, Oct 26-28, 2016, Phoenix, Arizona
    • “Engineering a Market for Personal Data: the HAT and the Future of the Internet-of-Things”, ASAP Service Management Forum Annual Conference, Oct 12-13, 2015, Milan, Italy
    • “Creating New Markets: A Theory of Latent Demand“, 2013 Frontiers in Service Conference, 4-7July, 2013, Taipei, Taiwan