My work in this area deals with things becoming a service experience, servitization business models, revenue streams, economics and design of servitized offerings, co-created servitization, customer co-capability, design of outcome-based and servitization contracts.


Journal Papers

  • Batista, L., S. Davis-Poynter, Irene C.L. Ng, Roger S. Maull, (2017) “Servitization through outcome-based contract: a systems perspective from the defence industry”, International Journal of Production Economics, forthcoming
  • Green, Max, Phil Davies and Irene C L Ng, (2017) “Two Strands of Servitization: A Thematic Analysis of Traditional and Customer Co-created Servitization and Future Research Directions, International Journal of Production Economics, forthcoming

Talks and Presentations

  • Servitization and the Service of Things: A Customer Co-created Approach, Aftermarket Business Platform 2016, 19-21 October 2016, Frankfurt, Germany